Testing Motivational posters

Ok, I admit it, this weeks blog is both late…. and a cheat….. sorry.

We all need to keep motivated so here for your delight and entertainment are my testers;s motivational posters,

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About Tony Simms - Test Manager
About Tony Simms Tony Simms is the Principal Consultant at Roque Consulting and has provided project and software quality management services to companies and organisations such as BT, The BBC, The NHS, NSPCC and Siemens. Since 1995 he has been involved in managing large software development programmes and projects, often requiring the managment of third party software development companies. Tony’s work experience has included managing a number of high profile test projects, including projects for The NHS Connecting For Health (CfH), The BBC, Siemens Traffic Controls, The NSPCC and CSC. These projects have involved both green site systems development and the upgrade or migration of existing or commercial off the shelf systems

10 Responses to Testing Motivational posters

  1. Rashmi says:

    Love it ! How creative !

  2. Nice – some funny ones in there!

    Do you hang these in a public place in your shop?

  3. Rashmi says:

    Are these reusable or have a copy right ?

    • Yes they are reusable, the photos are all from microsoft clipart, and the phrases have to a large extent been ‘borowed’ from other people.

      However…… they are meant to be a bot of fun and I would think before putting some of them up where developers can see them, as you dont want to feed the ‘us and them’ culture.

  4. Nadia Hussain says:

    Amazing!!! Very creative, i like it…

  5. Rye says:

    Hi — I really enjoyed the posters. Do you mind sharing the screensaver app for this? The working relationship between Dev & QA here is pretty cool, so this would really be a blast.

  6. Vaidyanathan Ramalingam says:

    Very nice one….

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